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Dietitians Choice Meal Replacement

In response to the growing interest from consumers in using meal replacements to assist in achieving weight loss outcomes, Nutriment Dietitians has introduced Dietitians Choice Meal Replacements.

These are now available for use by her clients in conjunction with ongoing supervision and behavioral modification support.

They come in 5 flavours: chocolate (GF), vanilla, strawberry, coffee (GF) and banana.

Benefits over other similar products include:

  • More economical
  • Added fibre
  • Gluten free varieties
  • Delivered to your door
  • Delicious tasting
  • No artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives
  • Meets all vitamin and nutrient requirements
  • Safe for diabetics and those with other chronic health conditions
  • Can also be used for clients requiring additional calories or nutrients
  • Available in 14 sachet trial pack or bulk 1kg

These products are developed and produced by Dietitians and are only available through an Accredited Practising Dietitian.

Your Dietitian will individualise your meal plan to suit your needs.

Ask Chantelle today, how Dietitians Choice Meal Replacement could assist you with your goals.

Useful Tools

We have these helpful tools available for purchase at your next appointment:

Food and Exercise Diaries

Keep accountable by recording your food, fluid and exercise.

Fat and Calorie Counters

Increase your awareness of energy content of millions of supermarket and takeaway foods. Also has information on cholesterol, blood sugars, fibre, salt and calcium.


Track your steps and maximise your energy expenditure. Also tracks distance and calories burned!

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