Supermarket Tours!

These are a great way to find out about reading labels as well as products and brand names that meet your nutritional needs and are available locally.

The Supermarket Tours are based around the following topics:
  • Low Fat
  • Diabetes Friendly
  • Heart Smart
  • Low FODMAPs/Gluten Free

For your convenience they will be offered at a local supermarket on a weekday 7pm- 8.30pm.

Don't miss out! Book now to secure your placement!!

For store locations and dates click on your local area below or call us on 0411 274 208.

If you are unable to attend your preferred tour, please check nearby locations for alternative dates.

Download and print off the
Registration Form, complete your details, tear off the bottom and post to Nutriment Dietitians along with your payment.

Your registration and payment must be received to secure your placement.

Please note minimum and maximum numbers do apply. You will receive confirmation of your booking from one of our dietitians.

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